Should I have cosmetic acupuncture?

Like it or not, enhancing appearance has become more important for some. It’s a growing trend with a big spend! Treatments can result in a glowing, fresh-faced rested look at best, or harmful and distressing at worst. To see what others say, see the book Tweakments.

As a beauty therapist I’ve investigated many facial procedures and am thrilled with my signature facial revitalisation acupuncture. This combines my beauty knowledge and experience with my acupuncture training and post graduate facial enhancement workshops. Tried and tested on myself, I rate it as a truly beneficial and holistic approach to well being and facial rejuvenation.

Some feedback: “Heather’s rejuvenation facial with acupuncture is amazing! I have had so many compliments for looking well. It’s not for the faint-hearted but it’s worth every moment.” – A.C. 18th March 2019.

What happens in a treatment?

This unique procedure begins with a check of your tongue and pulses. Almost painless needles are inserted around the head, hands and feet. A facial cleanse and hot stones are used to relax the face. Next the skin is treated with micro needles in a stimulating procedure to encourage blood flow and collagen production. A very firm facial, neck and shoulder massage follows (think sports massage on the face). Ultimately cold jade stone rollers contour your face to end the procedure.

What can I expect?

You are left feeling refreshed with a sense of peace and calm. Your skin should look plump and glowing although a little redness initially is to be expected. A client reported, “My skin feels so much better, softer, clearer and much healthier.” Treatments should be weekly for ten weeks and then monthly for maintenance. Most people report positive comments within 3 treatments if not sooner and smoother, clearer, brighter skin. Unlike some procedures there are no side effects.

Indeed patients report good sleep, “helps with relaxation and better sleep as well as improved and glowing skin” and enhanced well being. “The acupuncture facial is amazing – give it a go!” – T.P. 11th March 2019.

In summary, to use a patient’s words: “Facial rejuvenation massage is a procedure without needles that may better suit those wanting to dip a toe in the water first. I’ve had three treatments so far and already my skin is plumper and has a healthy glow.”