“Why acupuncture?” – my story

Why did I choose to train in acupuncture, later in my career when my brain was slowing down and my student days were long behind me…? In 2011 I was an established Holistic Therapy practitioner and teaching therapies and nutrition part time on a Foundation Degree in Spa Management. My therapy clients were getting older and I needed more resources to treat them.

I’d looked into Ayurvedic and Chinese Medicine practises and had researched acupuncture training for a colleague. Suddenly it occurred to me I could become an acupuncture student myself! All the acupuncturists I knew were inspirational practitioners and the technique had helped me with back pain in the past.

I applied to The Acupuncture Academy and weighed up the pros and cons of training. That didn’t help… So I took a leap of faith and embarked on three years of study! My student railcard made me smile and I discovered printer ink was more expensive than champagne. My friends and family rallied round and I found myself committed to study that changed my philosophy on healthcare. I had to unlearn the symptom-led techniques we use in the west and look further into how we get out of balance and ways to correct it.

What I learnt is a tale for another time. I had lots of acupuncture treatments myself to support me and the housework took a back seat! Now I am thrilled to call myself a fully qualified acupuncturist. I love having the skills to rebalance my patients’ emotional and physical health. My clients who can commit to  several treatments and work with me, benefit from my experience with blending Five Element Acupuncture and my therapy skills which I’ve honed over 35 years.