Healthy age reversal, anyone?

Age reversal; whether or not this is for you, you probably want to look after yourself, and stay fit and healthy for as long as you can.

A clinical trial over 8 weeks, published in 2019, found a statistically significant reduction of biological age in participants. It rated an average of more than three years younger in participants over the control group. This fantastic result was achieved with candidates following a specific heathy diet, sleep, exercise & relaxation guidance, and taking supplements. Read more about it and find the study.

No surprises really; the 50-72 year olds followed a plant based diet of vitamin rich colourful vegetables such as beetroot and dark greens, eggs, mushrooms, liver and pumpkin seeds. Cruciferous vegetables (cabbage, kale, spinach, and chard) were vital.

They added on top a handful of berries, some garlic, turmeric, rosemary and a couple of cups of green tea. Supplements taken included a probiotic.

Participants did half an hour of exercise most days and were sure to always have at least seven hours of sleep. Breathing exercises were also a regular practice.

The study confirmed that chronic stress is a huge factor in the ageing process. Science shows that although the Japanese are the oldest nation, they are slim. In the pandemic they faired well as obesity is a risk factor for coronavirus, even factoring in their normal use of face masks.

Iā€™d personally also advise you to drink lots of water, get out in nature regularly, spend time with friends & family and ā€“ above all else ā€“ have regular acupuncture treatments!

Further reading: Younger You – Reverse Your Bio-Age, by Kara Fitzgerald (Amazon UK link)