Cosmetic acupuncture

As a beauty therapist I’ve investigated many facial procedures and am thrilled with my facial revitalisation acupuncture treatment. It blends my beauty knowledge and my acupuncture post graduate facial enhancement work. The procedure begins with a check of your tongue and pulses.

A patient's pulses are taken
Knowing your pulses helps your acupuncturist form your treatment

Near-painless needles are inserted around the head, hands and feet. The face is treated with micro needles in a stimulating procedure to encourage blood flow and collagen production.

Skin should look plump and glowing although a little redness initially is to be expected. Treatment is most effective taken weekly for ten weeks and then monthly for maintenance.

Feedback on cosmetic acupuncutre

“Heather’s rejuvenation facial with acupuncture is amazing! I have had so many compliments for looking well. It’s not for the faint-hearted but it’s worth every moment.”
– A.C., 2019

“My skin feels so much better, softer, clearer and much healthier.”
– E. A., 2020

“The acupuncture facial is amazing – give it a go!”
– T.P., 2019