A genuinely nice person to visit

Heather is extremely professional and highly experienced – as well as being  for treatment. Always a pleasure to go to one of her clinics. Highly recommended!

Great attention to detail

Thoroughly recommend Heather for a wide range of treatments, including acupuncture, sports massage, and hopi. Extremely professional, great attention to detail in terms of alleviating specific issues and providing supporting advice. Many thanks.

Energised after treatments

Heather is knowledgeable and very caring. I always feel energised after my acupuncture treatments.

Feel so much better

Have been to Heather for a few sessions now. I really feel acupuncture with her has helped me in so many ways. I feel so much better. Would highly recommend!!!

Relaxation and better sleep

Acupuncture facial treatments are simply transformative – helps with relaxation and better sleep as well as improved and glowing skin. Heather’s approach is wonderful you are the most important thing in her world even at the end of a very long day for her. She’s great!

Elbow damage healed in one treatment

I have been to Heather for treatments for years and she is amazing. Particularly impressed with the acupuncture treatment I had, being a sceptic, as it healed my elbow ligament damage with one treatment. I was pain-free after two weeks of suffering.

Excellent treatments

Heather is amazing and so caring! Excellent acupuncture treatments. Do not hesitate to visit. You will be sure to be very well looked after.

Feel better already, Heather listens and understands

Heather is great and so knowledgeable. She listens and treats accordingly. So professional and friendly too. I feel lots better already, and I feel Heather understands what is needed.I have felt well since I last saw you and that last session was amazing! Thank you so much.

Feel great after three appointments

I made an appointment with Heather after reading the fab reviews. I wasn’t disappointed. Heather is a calming person and a fantastic listener and I genuinely feel great after just 3 appointments. I know that acupuncture will now become part of my self care routine and I can’t recommend enough.

Caring and intuitive approach

I have been going to Heather for treatments for the last ten years and I can highly recommend her.  With Heather’s caring and intuitive approach each treatment is tailored to my needs on that day depending on whether I need more physical or emotional support. After a treatment I always feel relaxed, restored and in balance.

Safety in these unprecedented times

I have been receiving treatments from Heather for a number of years. Heather is a highly skilled and knowledgeable therapist who is caring and compassionate. I have regular massages and recently had acupuncture treatment for the first time. As always Heather showed true professionalism and care by adapting her practice to ensure safety in these unprecedented times.

Help with stress and anxiety

Found this experience to be a great help with daily stress and anxiety, and is also starting to improve my sleep. Worth giving it 4-5 weeks of treatment to see and feel the benefits. I’d strongly recommend this to anyone.